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The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a worldwide Catholic organization, founded in Paris In 1833, by Frederic Ozanam and a group of college friends who wished to live out their love of God by serving Him In the persons of the  poor.They chose St. Vincent de Paul, who devoted his life to the poor, as their patron.


Frederic Ozanam

Saint Vincent de Paul

The Structure of the Society

Our international headquarters is in Paris, France; the national headquarters of the United States’ branch of the Society is in St. Louis, Missouri. The country is then subdivided into several regions. We are part of the Western Region. The eight active Conferences in the Spokane Diocese make up the District Council of Spokane.

Picture1Frederic Ozanam.png

Blessed Frederic Ozanam

Founder of the Society     


Our Conference


Our primary purpose is to grow in holiness together. Meetings are held in the spirit of fraternity, simplicity, and Christian joy.  


St. Mary Conference undertakes

Home Visits by members, on a rotating basis, sharing in serving the needs of

those who ask for assistance in the

parish area. Each member contributes

to the degree they are able.

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